Heart of Lubbock turning over two homes to Open Door to help the homeless

Open Door given new homes from another Lubbock non-profit

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Nonprofit Heart of Lubbock is closing its doors, handing over the deed to two of its homes to nonprofit Open Door, which houses the chronically homeless and survivors of sex trafficking.

Open Door also provides support services like mental health services and a workout room.

Gary Vaughn, a resident at Open Door, says these two homes are going to help people get the help they need.

“Well , it saved my life, truly,” Vaughn said. “I was living on the streets, I don’t have the best of medical going on with me. They provided everything I needed for me.”

Executive Director of Open Door, Chad Wheeler, says Open Door provides not just a long-term house, but a home. Right now, there are 70 residents renting from Open Door.

He says the foundation of people getting back on their feet starts with a house. Right now, residents pay 30 percent of their income towards the house.

“If they have a zero dollar income, then they pay zero dollars. It’s a sliding scale. As their income rises, they pay more towards their rent, always 30 percent and our grant subsidizes the rest of the cost."

A kitchen in one of Open Door's homes
A kitchen in one of Open Door's homes (Source: Melanie Camacho)

Gary says he’s come a long way and the housing is helping him reach his goals.

“They take care of all your needs and then you need to work on your needs, too because that’s your responsibility.”

Gary hopes these two new homes will do the same for others.

“It will help people to get back on their feet. It’s done it for me and all of the people that are on this row right here who have gotten off of the streets and gotten into a home and become human again.”

Wheeler says Open Door plans to even further increase their number of residents in 2020.

To donate or get more information, visit their website here: https://opendoorlbk.org/

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