New cashless ways to donate to Red Kettle campaign in Lubbock

New cashless ways to donate to Red Kettle campaign in Lubbock
This year, the red kettles have a place where you can swipe your credit card or use Apple Pay and Google Pay to donate. (Source: Melanie Camacho)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Salvation Army’s Red Kettle campaign kicked off on Thursday at a Lubbock United Supermarket.

The iconic red kettles, accompanied by volunteers with bells, will be seen at retail stores, grocery stores and shopping malls this holiday season.

“Today, we’re excited to kick off the campaign for this year and participating in another wonderful year,” said Major David Worthy with The Salvation Army in Lubbock.

Last year Lubbock donated $251,000 into the red kettles and The Salvation Army is aiming for that goal this year. Nationally, the organization raised $145 million.

“Every penny that is dropped into that kettle stays here locally and goes to provide services and programs for those in need right here in Lubbock.”

There are cashless ways to donate this year. You can swipe a credit card just above the kettle for a minimum of $10 or you can you use Apple or Google Pay.

“It’s the season of giving and in The Salvation Army we say that we are really about giving; giving hope, giving sustenance, giving to those in need. During the holidays, it’s a time for us to come together and give back and by giving back, we’re giving hope."

Chris St. Clair from United said they were delighted to host the kickoff.

“We are just really allowing our guests the opportunity to join the ministry. That ministry is important to our community and that’s what we’re about,” said St. Clair.

Mayor Pope joined in on the kickoff too, saying that he is excited for the campaign to come back to Lubbock.

“We’re probably thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there are members in our community that are in need and so it’s a great opportunity for us to continue to give,” said Mayor Pope.

The Salvation Army helped 1,400 families this year including around 500 children. It’s these families, Major Worthy says, your contribution will help this holiday season.

The campaign ends on Christmas Eve.

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