Lubbock community and local musicians show up to support band after tour bus burns

Lubbock community and local musicians show up to support band after tour bus burns
Shane Smith & The Saints tour bus burns in Coleman, TX (Source: Shane Smith & The Saints twitter)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - An Austin-based Texas Country band got the support of west Texas and the Lubbock music industry Thursday night after their bus burned on the way to the Hub City; costing them equipment, merchandise, and even some shoes.

Shane Smith & The Saints were on their way to Lubbock for the show at Cook’s Garage, when the band’s tour bus caught fire on County Road 479 in Coleman, TX, and was destroyed.

Despite the circumstances, the band finished the trip to Lubbock to play. Staff at Cook’s Garage say the band arrived still smelling of smoke, with soot on their feet instead of shoes. What equipment they had was in black melted cases.

But members of the west Texas music industry and the Lubbock Community came to help. Management for the band called ahead and helped them get shoes and clothes in time to perform.

Cook’s Garage says around 800 people showed up Thursday night, and 100% of money at the door went to help the group.

The band that opened the show, Ox Martin, donated part of merchandise sales from the night to help their fellow artists.

Cook’s Garage estimates around $14,000 was raised in support.

If you would like to help the band, a GoFundMe has been set up in their honor:

Shane Smith & The Saints have garnered global attention since the release of their 2015 album, “Geronimo.” This year’s record, “Hail Mary,” ranked second in Texas Music Picker’s July Favorite Albums of the Year list.

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