80-year-old man heartbroken over lost wedding ring

80-year-old Lubbock man seeks lost wedding ring he’s cherished for 53 years

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - At age 80, Tom Cunningham has lost something that has left him heartbroken, but he's still tough enough to do what he needs to do to get it back.

Mr. Cunningham lost his wedding ring. A ring that represents the love he has had for his wife for the past half a century. Now he needs the publics help, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to find it himself.

Lost ring.
Lost ring. (Source: Cunningham family)

With a metal detector and a pair of headphones, Mr. Cunningham is searching for his wedding ring.

“In August of 1966, [my wife and I] were married. We've been together since that time,” he said.

(Source: Cunningham family)

Mr. Cunningham and his wife have been together through it all. “Their health is not real great. My mom just had neck surgery, and [my dad], he's fighting cancer, said Rebecca Knight. Knight is their daughter and she says her dad is always wearing his ring until he lost it.

“I looked down and it was gone. I didn’t feel it come off. Nothing,” said Mr. Cunningham.

His ring that represents his love for his wife went missing.

“I panicked, I broke down, and I cried because it was her token of her love for me for over 53 years,” said Mr. Cunningham.

Knight says her dad was last seen wearing the ring at Market Street and CVS. Both stores are located on 50th and Indiana Avenue.

“We just want his ring back,” said Knight.

Mr. Cunningham says he is not giving up and will keep looking, but he hopes the public will help him out, too.

“If someone found it and I can get it back, I would be one of the proudest people in Lubbock Texas,” he said.

KCBD also talked to a representative of United Supermarkets who told us they do have security footage of Cunningham leaving the Market Street store on Indiana Ave. In the footage, he is wearing his wedding ring as he leaves the store. Director of Asset Protection for United, Marcus Young, says they have looked for the ring in their store and in the parking lot, but have not yet found it. He hopes that by showing this screenshot of the footage, someone will come forward with the ring.

United Supermarket's security footage of Mr. Cunningham leaving Market Street on 50th and Indiana with ring.
United Supermarket's security footage of Mr. Cunningham leaving Market Street on 50th and Indiana with ring. (Source: United)

If you know where the ring is please contact KCBD at AllKCBD11Listens@kcbd.com.

There is also a reward of $200 for anyone who finds the ring.

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