Lubbock food truck tips and cash bag stolen; owner says he gave thief discount on food before burglary

Little Blue Trailer food truck cash bag and tip jar stolen

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For many it’s the season for giving and for some, it’s a popular time to be burglarized. Such was the case for the Little Blue Trailer food truck on 50th and Memphis Avenue on Monday night.

While the owner of the food truck known for brisket tacos and nachos and funnel cake, Jim Larner, was helping a man with his broken car, someone snuck into his food truck, emptied the tip jar, and took a cash bag. Larner believes this was the accomplice.

“I went back and it took me a few seconds, but I noticed my tip jar was knocked over and the money was gone and it still didn’t really click what had happened and then I noticed that a bank bag was missing that was laying on the shelf close to it and then I realized there must have been two people or more because I never saw another person,” said Larner. "I don’t keep that much money in here because of this, because of safety. That day I was going to the bank and never made it.”

Larner is a little upset at himself saying that he cannot believe he got distracted like that, adding that he even gave the gentleman a brisket for only two dollars and if the person needed more food or something else, he probably would have helped them out because he has before.

Larner says the community support has been great since Monday night.

“And then you give like that and somebody just comes by and takes it, it sort of ruins it, but community support has been overwhelming. Well over 2,000 messages and 9,000 people have seen the Facebook post.”

Now, he’s asking everyone to be vigilant this holiday season, hoping that something similar doesn’t happen to someone else.

“The main thing I want my other food truck friends to know- there are a lot of us-we’re a big family- you always have to watch. We’re like sitting ducks, in a way, and especially at this time aware. I want everyone to be aware, you’ve got to keep an eye out.”

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