New TABC permit allows third party delivery of alcoholic beverages to Texas customers

New TABC permit allows third party delivery of alcoholic beverages to Texans doors

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Texans now have another way to order drinks for the holiday season. A new permit allows delivery drivers to bring alcohol orders directly to your door.

Third-party delivery services like Instacart and Favor can now go to pick up the alcohol from TABC-licensed business like bars, restaurants and liquor stores, and bring it right to you at home.

The consumer delivery permit was passed and signed into law back in May 2019, effective starting Sept. 1, 2019. Since then, TABC has been working with the alcoholic beverage industry to craft requirements for businesses and delivery drivers.

“As part of this new delivery service, we’re requiring that delivery drivers complete the training that allows them to basically avoid those types of sales which could be illegal,” said TABC Public Information Officer Chris Porter.

“Whereas currently bartenders and most waiters, they already take training that kind of helps them identify young people or intoxicated people, we’ll be requiring a similar type of training for these delivery drivers.”

“It’s been a long process,” Porter said. “We’ve been working with lawmakers in Lubbock and across the state to get this bill passed to the satisfaction of all the lawmakers to the Texas consumers...working with the industry members themselves to make sure everybody’s ready to go when we issue the first permit.”

Porter said some businesses have already started submitting their applications for the consumer delivery permits. He expects some of those permits to be issued next week. He said it takes about two to three weeks to process the application for the permit.

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