Arrington condemns ‘partisan’ impeachment vote

Arrington condemns ‘partisan’ impeachment vote
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Shortly after the House of Representatives voted to pass two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, Representative Jodey Arrington released a statement describing the proceedings as “completely partisan,” saying the actions set a precedent for future representatives to abuse oversight powers.

From Representative Arrington:

“Today, many of my Democrat colleagues made history, unfortunately, for supporting the first-ever, completely partisan impeachment of a President of the United States – a precedent that will only encourage future members of Congress to habitually abuse their oversight powers and wield the sacred sword of impeachment as a political weapon of war.”

“Doing this will further fan the flames of discord and division in our country, create an even more broken and dysfunctional culture in Congress, and, worst of all, inflict irreparable harm on the future of our Republic.”

“I am deeply disturbed that history was indeed made today in this hallowed chamber – but, for all the wrong reasons. Not for love of country, but hatred for a political foe. Not to pursue justice, but to punish a political adversary. Not to seek truth, but to seize political power.”

The majority vote on both articles of impeachment for Abuse Of Power and Obstruction of Congress will now force a Senate trial, where Senators will decide whether or not to convict and remove President Trump from office.

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