Lubbock church’s proactive approach to security

Updated: Dec. 31, 2019 at 10:30 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A shooting at a church in north Texas now has parishioners around the world and here at home on edge.

The leader of one Lubbock congregation said his church has around 30 people involved in their life safety team. He said his hope is that it never has to be used, but if a situation like the one near Fort Worth were to happen, they want to be sure their congregation is safe.

JD Small, the executive pastor at Trinity Church, said in a situation like that, he would hope his church would be able to serve their congregation as well as the church near Fort Worth did.

“They had a ministry in place to help this guy when he needed a meal and they had a ministry in place to take care of their congregation when that person turned violent,” Small said.

Small said for the past five years, Trinity Church has become much more proactive and organized in their security approach.

“We’ve spent a lot more time training, working together as a team, familiarizing ourselves with the layout of our facilities or threats that are happening around us,” Small said.

Small said Trinity Church works with local law enforcement, they have officers onsite during the weekend services. He said they also have their own security team inside of the facilities to help respond to any kind of life safety situation- whether that is health, violence or another situation.

Brandon Helton, a personal protection officer, said he has served on several churches’ life safety teams.

He said when it comes to church safety, it is important to get as much training as possible.

“I’m never going to downplay using just your CHL, but when you have the ability to learn more and do more, especially when you’re using something like a firearm,” Helton said.

Helton said training is available many places, including online or through local law enforcement.

It is a huge undertaking and you need to make sure that mentally and physically you are prepared for that situation.

Small said Trinity Church views security as a ministry. He said their life safety team is a family, made up of individuals in different careers with different skill-sets who all have a passion to protect others.

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