Eat well, live well with the 80/20 diet plan

KCBD Healthwise: Eat well, live well with the 80/20 diet plan

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - This is the time of year when millions of people make the same New Year's Resolution. They want to lose weight or just eat healthier or both.

Brenda Garcia is the Health and Wellness Manager at United and she says they’ve come up with a plan to help folks reach that goal. She says, “We developed something called 80-20 for 2020. That means 80% of the time, you’re eating healthy and 20% of the time are those indulgences for the cravings that you get.” Brenda brought some examples into the studio to explain the 80/20 lifestyle diet. It was no surprise to see the chicken and broccoli (pre-packaged together at Market Street). But we were surprised in the newsroom to see that she included a certain Brownie Cookie in the healthy 80% group and it was delicious!

She also shared a recipe for making a healthy pizza in the 80% category.

Brenda also brought some favorite cravings to show they can be included in the 20% group of indulgences.

But she added that salty treats like pretzels dipped in guacamole can fall into your 80% healthy group because they can include healthy fats.

There is much to learn about the 80/20 lifestyle diet.

Of course, the trick is portion control. Brenda says, “We’d rather have you learn how to taste and enjoy so it becomes a lifestyle, not a diet.”

That’s why United is holding an “Eat Well, Live Well Expo this Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5 at all of its Market Street stores. She says, “There will be samples out there for you, meal ideas, recipes. I promise this will be easy and fast and you can follow us on which is our dietitians blog where you can find recipes and ideas all year long.”

She says with a healthy diet, you can eat well and not feel hungry or craving certain foods and still lose 1 or 2 pounds a week.

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