Lubbock ISD teams up with GermBlast to spray schools to combat germs

Lubbock ISD teams up with GermBlast to spray schools to combat germs

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD is teaming up with a local company, GermBlast, to get rid of cold and flu germs at their schools in order to prevent the students and staff from getting sick. Lubbock ISD said they have a little more than 50 schools in the district. GermBlast treats each school three times per school year, or more if needed due to extended illnesses.

“There has been a lot of--especially this year--a lot of the flu and stomach bugs and stuff like that that have been going around,” said Gabby Garza, a pre-k co-teacher at Overton Elementary School, “And It really affects when the kids have to miss a few days of school because they’re throwing up and have fever, they can get really far behind and it’s hard to keep them caught up. Even teachers- whenever they have to miss, the class doesn’t really run the same way that it typically does.”

Not only does this company spray the whole school down- they also teach kids how to keep the germs away.

“GermBlast came and talked to the pre-k classes about the importance of washing their hands and kind of gave them a demonstration on how they should wash their hands and how long they should wash their hands.”

The teachers here say they were reminded of great tips and they encourage parents to remind the students about how to prevent the spread of germs. so everyone will stay healthy.

“The parents we always remind them, ‘kids are getting sick. remember to go over how to wash your hands and make sure you’re telling them how to do it after they use the restroom and stuff like that.’ And they’ve been pretty healthy. So, I think that works really well.”

Various Lubbock ISD schools are being sprayed by GermBlast during weeknights or days when students are not in school. For more information on GermBlast, click here.

You can find more information on Lubbock ISD on their webpage, click here.

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