New Mexico man searching for wife’s stolen ashes

Albuquerque, N.M. (KOAT/CNN) - A New Mexico man is searching for his wife’s ashes that were stolen on Tuesday while he was at the store.

“I was home in about an hour and a half,” Tony Trezza said.

When he arrived home, the front gate, screen door, and front door were all open.

“I walked inside the house and I thought it was my daughter-in-law Sherrie,” Trezza said.

When he walked inside, he realized that somebody had broken into his home. Trezza called his daughter-in-law and they did a walkthrough of the house.

Trezza and his daughter-in-law discovered that his pistol, shotgun, wedding ring, and wife’s ashes were all missing.

Trezza’s wife of 66 years, June, passed away last January. He got her ashes in November.

He has changed and replaced all the locks, but says that something that can never be replaced is June.

“There’s not much I can say to the person that did this. Not much I can say other than I’m very dissatisfied in what he did,” Trezza said.

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