Duplex damaged by fire Friday afternoon

Duplex damaged by fire Friday afternoon
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A duplex in the 3800 block of 51st Street was damaged by a structure fire on Friday afternoon.

Lubbock Fire Rescue got the call around 4:30 p.m.

Fire officials say residents on one side were preparing a brisket on an outside grill, using new briquettes, paper and a propane blow torch. After lighting the briquettes in the grill, he scooped-up briquettes that had fallen on the ground in to a paper sack.

The sack was left close to a new sack of briquettes inside the master bedroom.

Later they both smelled smoke coming from the bedroom but thought it was from the smoker. The husband left to go to the store and the wife shut all the doors in the bedroom, still thinking it was coming from outside.

A while later she went to check on the smell again and when she opened the bedroom door there was fire coming from the area where the briquettes were stored.

Firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire. The Fire Marshal’s Office was requested to investigate. Fire patterns observed in the bedroom were consistent with the information given to the Fire Department by the residents.

The Red Cross was also notified to assist the residents with a place to stay for the night. There were no injuries.

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