Pay It Forward: Surprising a teacher at Lubbock’s Honey Elementary

Pay It Forward: Surprising a teacher at Lubbock’s Honey Elementary

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Almost every day, KCBD receives Pay It Forward nominations from viewers, like you, letting us know who they want to pay it forward to. This week WesTex Federal Credit Union went to Lubbock ISD’s Honey Elementary to surprise one of their teachers.

Taylor Rosales has worked at Honey Elementary for six years now.

“I work in a special service- special services program. And so I work with kiddos who have high functioning autism but have some behaviors, and so they need my help in the classroom," Rosales said. “But I also help all the kids that I go out and work with my kids don’t need help, then I help all the kids in the class.”

Rosales was nominated for her passion for teaching and her kindness towards her students. Before Christmas break she did something special for her students.

“I went through and had them tell me things that they absolutely loved in life. Favorite colors, favorite Disney characters, favorite movies, anything, sports teams," she said. "And then I went and bought fabric for all of them to make them blankets that they could have here,” said Rosales.

Her students were overjoyed to see the blankets.

“It truly was just like that was one of my best moments of like this year teaching them was just seeing their faces light up and how excited they were and how happy they were to have something that represented them," Rosales said. “And that truly, (was) like somebody heard them and heard what they love and took that and gave them something individualized for them.”

The nominator praised Rosales saying, She should be recognized for the “time, effort and sometimes tears she sheds for (the) opportunity to help each child feel accepted and know they are important.”

“I’m feeling very surprised and very blessed. Like truly this is a godsend,” said Rosales. “You have no idea how, how just heartwarming it is to know somebody took their time to nominate me and take them into consideration. I really feel very, very blessed just because it’s like you have so often that, like you’re just kind of the one in the shadows, doing everything behind the scenes to help every run smoothly. So, it’s just nice to know somebody saw it.”

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