Lubbock police, fire chiefs grateful for 'overwhelming’ support at memorial for first responders

Updated: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:24 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Although the weather was cold and windy, LFR Chief Shaun Fogerson and LPD Chief Floyd Mitchell said it was a beautiful night for a beautiful tribute to two fallen first responders, Officer Nicholas Reyna and Lt. Eric Hill.

Lubbock Fire Chief Fogerson and Lubbock Police Chief Mitchell expressed their gratitude for the crowd and the “overwhelming” response from the community.

"I can't thank the community enough...the show of support. The city of Lubbock has gone out of its way, and I really appreciate it. The men and women in the police department and the fire department appreciate it," Mitchell said.

"At times like this, it just hits you deep down in your soul and it makes you understand why we choose to wear this's phenomenal."

"The families know that we’re with them, that we will never forget Officer Reyna and Lt. Hill, We're going to honor their memories by just protecting this community and the way that they did," Fogerson said.

Chief Mitchell is asking drivers to slow down and be mindful of their surroundings as winter weather comes into our forecast again.

“I know it’s that time of year where inclement weather can sneak up on us really fast. We just need to make sure that: One, we’re paying attention to the weather and we understand that speed kills. Both the people inside the cars and outside the cars and first responders. Pay attention. Be aware. Pay attention and be in the moment of what’s going on around you. Slow down.”

“Respect the road conditions when you see those red and blue lights. Slow down, move over as far as you possibly can, not just for our safety, but for their safety as well,” Fogerson said.

Both chiefs encouraged the public to engage and communicate with first responders in their neighborhoods.

“When you see him out, tell him thank you,” Fogerson said. “Shake their hand. Talk to him. We love it when people just come up and talk to us. You don’t even have to thank us, but just know that we are part of them. We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through it.”

“I always preach to my guys, no matter where I’m at, we are their neighbors or their friends. Engage with us like you would anywhere else. We want to be talked to and we want to share with you our thoughts and feelings as well. So just engage with us,” Mitchell said.

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