Lubbock stores stocking up on Mahomes gear ahead of Super Bowl

Updated: Jan. 23, 2020 at 10:36 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Lubbock has a case of Mahomes fever as the former Red Raider heads to Super Bowl 54 with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Local stores like Red Raider Outfitter, Cardinal's, and The Matador are stocking up.

"As soon as he got drafted, we knew he would be something. So as soon as we were able to start buying product in, we did. It's not just because he's going to the Super Bowl. That's not something new for us. We have always been huge supporters," said Katie Hartman, lead buyer for Red Raider Outfitter.

Hartman says basic Mahomes t-shirts are the hot-ticket item.

"Even though the Super Bowl is two weeks out, you know, starting Monday, this table has been wiped," Hartman said. "We've got really large shipments coming in to replenish for the weekend. But, absolutely, what I can tell you is this week, we had a large increase and we can expect next week to only build on top of that."

Brad Wyatt, the owner of Cardinal's, says people are turning to him for Mahomes gear, too.

"We have some Mahomes t-shirts, we have some Kansas City hats. We have some Super Bowl caps coming in. But, I will tell you, product has been really hard to get because of all the NFL properties rules," Wyatt said. "We have probably three out of every four people walking in or asking for Mahomes or Kansas City stuff."

The Matador is getting organized this week, expecting some more shipments.

"Novelty products, flags, superbowl t-shirts. Yeah it's pretty exciting this week," Steve Massengale, the owner of the store, said. "They're asking for Mahomes products and with what we've done to get products in for next week, we expect sales to be very good next week."

A Mahomes-signed fire helmet is still up for bid in an eBay auction. The proceeds will go towards LFR Lt. Eric Hill and LPD Ofc. Nick Reyna's families and to LFR firefighter Matt Dawson's family.

The bidding ends Sunday, January 26 at 10:05 a.m.