Hockley County Sheriff’s Office warning about phone scams

Hockley County Sheriff’s Office warning about phone scams

HOCKLEY COUNTY, Texas (KCBD) - The Hockley County Sheriff's Office has issued a new warning about phone scams in the area.

They've received recent reports about two different types of scams.

In the first, callers say they've received federal documents related to drug dealing near the southern border, threatening arrest and asking victims to confirm social security information.

Scammers have also claimed to be Hockley County Sheriff's deputies, threatening arrest and telling victims they owe a civil debt.

The Hockley County Sheriff's Office reminds residents they will never call and threaten arrest unless you pay.

"We don't accept money in lieu of arrest. Second, law enforcement will not call you and tell you we are sending someone to search your house and arrest you. We especially will not call, threaten you, and then offer you a way to clear it up by sending us gift cards."

Never confirm or give personal identifying information to a caller, just hang up.

Deputies say if you have concerns about a call, please notify your local law enforcement agency.

**SCAM Yesterday we received several calls related to scams that have returned. Several of our residents have...

Posted by Hockley County Sheriff's Office on Friday, January 31, 2020

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