Texas Tech cancels study abroad trips to China due to Coronavirus outbreak

Updated: Jan. 31, 2020 at 6:29 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus outbreak to be a global health emergency. The pneumonia-like virus has now spread to more than 20 countries. 10,000 people have been affected and at least 213 have died.

Here at home, no Texas Tech students have been infected by the virus, but some have been affected.

Texas Tech sends students all over the world, but this semester they have canceled trips for six students who were supposed to go to China because of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dr. Sukant Misra, the Vice Provost for International Affairs at Texas Tech, said the Office of International Affairs takes no chances.

“The safety and security of our students and faculty are extremely important to us,” Dr. Misra said.

At this time, there are no students or faculty from Texas Tech in China.

“We actually had three programs planned for this spring semester,” Dr. Misra said.

But, six students who were expecting to land in China this month have been told they are no longer allowed to go.

Three faculty-led programs were planned for the summer, but two of them have been canceled.

“There’s one still on the books, but we are basically monitoring the situation at this point in time,” Dr. Misra said.

Dr. Misra said his office is keeping track of CDC and World Health Organization advisories and has released a memorandum of their own to Chinese students visiting Texas Tech, informing them about the virus and symptoms of it.

“We very frequently deal with situations like violence,” Dr. Misra said, “but things like this, like health crisis, is not very common.”

Dr. Misra said, regardless of a health crisis, violence or political unrest.

“The most important thing for us is making sure that our students and faculty are safe and secure,” Dr. Misra said.

The University of Texas has also cancelled trips to China and removed all of their students from the country.

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