Sexual harassment suit settled with Seminole Metal owner

Sexual harassment suit settled with Seminole Metal owner
File photo (Source: Gray News)

SEMINOLE, Texas (KCBD) - A sexual harassment lawsuit between a woman from Seminole and the owner of Seminole Metal has been settled.

The lawsuit, filed by Laura Andrade, was filed in June of 2017 after she said the owner of Seminole Metal, Jacob Teichroeb, sexually harassed her for years. A settlement was reached in December, according to the firm representing Andrade.

Andrade began working with the business in 2013 and said many times Teichroeb made unwanted advances, showed her nude photos of other women, touched her intimately without her consent and exposed himself to her. She made many complaints to Teichroeb about his behavior but nothing was done.

In June of 2017 she she quit her job and filed a police report. Lawyers representing Andrade say after filing a police report she could not find legal counsel and turned to Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid and personal lawyer Fernando Bustos.

“After years of degrading abuse, I am still struggling to recover my peace of mind, and it is a battle I will always fight,” Andrade said. “But with this settlement, I feel like I am finally getting justice. I chose to speak out because I do not want other people to feel that they must quietly tolerate what I suffered. I want other harassment survivors to know that they can speak up, take action, and prevail.”

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