Texas Tech community responds to Super Bowl win featuring Mahomes

Updated: Feb. 3, 2020 at 6:42 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Texas Tech fans are celebrating the Chief’s win like it was their own. That is, of course, because of former Tech student, Patrick Mahomes.

The saddle tramps ring the victory bells for every Red Raider win and last night was no exception.

The spirit organization rang 15 minutes for number 15, last night’s super bowl MVP.

Gage Brockman, Sergeant at Arms for the Saddle Tramps, said Mahomes brought the community together to cheer for the Chiefs last night.

“It’s just something about one of our own getting to somewhere high up that just brings out the best in us,” Brockman said.

The Texas Tech Division of Enrollment is using last night’s win to remind students that “from here it’s possible.”

The office created an ad campaign during Super Bowl coverage to reach potential students.

Julian Olivas, the Director of Marketing for Texas Tech’s Division of Enrollment said serving them directly into their social media feeds is a more strategic approach to making sure that they bring awareness of the fact that Patrick Mahomes is a Red Raider and that from here it’s possible.

Olivas is hoping the success of Red Raiders like Patrick Mahomes will help them enroll 40,000 students this fall.

“Our goal right now, is those students that have been admitted to Texas Tech,” Olivas said, “is really helping them move through that next process in hopes that they actually do enroll here in the fall.”

Olivas said it is too early to tell the success of the campaign, but they will get data back in the next few days that shows the response to the ads.

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