Pay It Forward: Lubbock’s Richard Milburn Academy

Pay It Forward: Lubbock’s Richard Milburn Academy

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - In this week’s Pay It Forward, WesTex Federal Credit Union stopped by Lubbock’s Richard Milburn Academy for a surprise. Brenda Ewerz has been the Principal at Richard Milburn Academy for two years.

“Richard Milburn Academy is a credit recovery open enrollment high school. We serve the population that may have lost credit, or they’ve been out of school for a while, they may be older, and want to try to get their high school diploma. So, it’s our mission then to empower them to be able to do that,” said Ewerz.

Ewerz always encouraging her students to succeed.

“I always tell people that come in- everybody here has a story that includes teachers and students alike. So, we are all brought together for a different reason,” said Ewerz.

And said everyone there is like family.

“The kids I love the kids that we have here. They need and want all of us the teachers and its family.”

Richard Milburn Academy was nominated for this week’s Pay It Forward. They needed help for out one of their programs that rewards students.

“We try to reward kiddos that have had 100% attendance because with our students, sometimes it's difficult for them to get here every day. So, we try to make sure those that have 100% attendance are rewarded,” said Ewerz.

“We know those budget constraints that can make it kind of difficult to support those programs. So, we’re here we’re donating 50 gift cards to various things like movies, Bahama Bucks, Dominoes; and so we want to help you keep that reward program going into encourage them to attend school,” said President of WesTex Federal Credit Union’s Vicki Love.

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