GoFundMe set up for Tech Student involved in January wreck on Interstate 27

GoFundMe set up for Tech Student involved in January wreck on Interstate 27

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) -About two weeks ago, KCBD reported on a two-car crash on I-27 near 82nd street that left one in the hospital in stable condition and with critical injuries. That one person is Jaime Valdez, and his sister, Cecilia Nunez, says he’s making progress, even sitting up at the edge of the bed today.

Lubbock Police said the 22-year-old Texas Tech student went off the Interstate into a concrete drainage ditch and then back on to the Interstate and this is when his car collided with a Chevrolet pick up truck. Valdez’ car flipped over before ending in a grass median.

Nunez is reporting that her little brother is on a ventilator. She says that after he was admitted into the hospital, he developed some heart and breathing complications. The ventilator is one of his respiratory treatments.

Nunez says that he is still paralyzed from the waist down, but he’s conscious and mouths some words.

She says this progress makes him excited to get better soon so he can go back to school and continue his studies to make it to nursing school.

"He feels much better having someone in the room all of the time. He likes seeing his family. Being away from school is pretty tough and hen now with the accident. But, we’re all taking turns to help out and that way, we can talk to the doctors and the nurses and stuff to see how his progress is going. He hates to see us leave, but at least there’s always someone here and he knows that,” said Nunez. “He wants to save lives. That’s what he said. He wants to be here like everyone is here for him right now. He wants to make an impact. Nursing is his passion right now so he’s looking forward to finishing that goal later on.”

Now, their focus is on getting Valdez in better shape.

“The plan is right now to breathe better on his own so that way they can take him out of the ICU. We’re waiting for his bowels to get better too, and from there, they’re going to do physical and occupational therapy too.”

Nunez says they’re working on getting him to long-term rehab where he can learn to walk again, but the costs of this are expensive, which is why another family member has set up a GoFundMe page. If you’re interested in donating, find the link below.

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