Snuggle-weather update

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - With the clouds and cold air lingering longer than originally expected, it’s time for a snuggle-weather update. Milder weather, however, will be coming to your KCBD-area town this weekend.

A mix of weather on this Valentines’ Day in the KCBD viewing area. A few snowflakes, even a few ice needles (ice crystals), freezing fog, low visibility, a gray sky, a cold breeze, and - eventually, a bit of sunshine.

A few flakes and ice needles are possible through early afternoon. A bit of sunshine is likely to make it into Lubbock late this afternoon.

The cold, clouds, and limited sunshine will limit highs mostly to the 40s this afternoon. Western areas, which will see sunshine earlier, may top out in the 50s. A chill will be added by a breeze of 10 to 20 mph. Very chilly if you are out in the open.

Dry weather will continue through the evening, but so will the breeze. It will be cold if you are out in the open.

Areas of fog, freezing fog, and low visibility, will be possible tomorrow morning, though mainly over the western KCBD viewing area. Allow extra drive time, slow down, allow extra space between your vehicle and those in front of you, and use your low beam headlights.

Our weather becomes much milder this weekend. Much more sunshine and much warmer afternoons.

Check out Sunday and Monday's high temperatures in the forecast here on our Weather Page. Monday is a holiday, Presidents' Day.

As though we need a reminder it is still winter... winter cold will return, and wintry showers may accompany it, Tuesday. Temperatures will get colder Wednesday and Thursday. A slight chance of showers is in our forecast for Tuesday, a greater chance Wednesday and Thursday. Again, specific numbers and more are in the forecast section. Watch for updates.

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