Thousands of Edible Arrangements customers frustrated, not receive their order on Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb. 17, 2020 at 6:13 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Edible Arrangements customers across the country, including some in Lubbock, are expressing their frustration with the company after they did not receive the orders they placed that were supposed to be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

Shauna Sandell’s husband wanted to do something different for her for Valentine’s Day.

“I’m a registered nurse by trade, this last year I got really sick and had to quit work,” Sandell said. “So, now we’re on what little bit he brings in and what little bit I get from disability."

Sandell’s husband placed an order with Edible Arrangements on February 11th to be delivered on the 14th.

“9:00 comes, 10:00 comes, 11:00, nothing,” Sandell said.

Sandell said she tried calling the store the next day, but could not get through. So, she began to browse Facebook to see if anyone else had a similar experience.

“Thousands of people were complaining that they didn’t receive their orders,” Sandell said.

Comments said things such as “Thanks for ruining Valentine’s” and “What a disgrace!”

People from Indiana, to Florida, and here in Texas were all disappointed on Valentine’s Day and they’re still disappointed today.

“Here we are Monday, still nothing,” Sandell said.

Sandell said she has disputed the charge with her bank, but that is not her biggest concern. She said, at this point, she does not even want her order.

“It’s not about the fruit, it’s the principle,” Sandell said. “Do your job, do it right, do what you promise. If you can’t deliver what you promise, then don’t make that promise.”

Sandell said she is not mad at the local store, she blames the CEO of Edible Arrangements.

“$100, no, that isn’t significant to him,” Sandell said.

But, to Sandell, it is significant.

Edible Arrangements sent this statement KCBD:

“Due to high volume and record traffic on our website for Valentine’s Day, we experienced intermittent issues receiving orders for what became our single busiest holiday in company history. Our incredible franchisees have been working overtime to extend deliveries throughout the weekend, on another date of the customer’s choosing or to issue refunds. We remain true to our commitment to WOW our customers with only the best products, and we continue to dedicate our entire team to that promise on every special occasion and year-round.”

Customers are encouraged to contact the local store assigned to their order; the store number and address will be listed in their order confirmation email. Should you have challenges reaching the store, you can contact Edible’s Call Center at 877-363-7848 and Edible will then reach out to the store on your behalf.

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