Pay It Forward: The Parenting Cottages Lubbock

Pay It Forward: The Parenting Cottages Lubbock

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - For almost 40 years, the Parenting Cottage has been helping families across the South Plains. Last year, they helped about 900 different families.

The organization offers a full range of services.

“Well we work with families that have children prenatal to kindergarten,” Carla Olson, the executive director for the Parenting Cottage, said. “We’re working on making sure babies are born healthy. That parents in the best way possible, and that children arrive at kindergarten school ready.”

According to their website, The cottages’ mission is to: strengthen and meet the needs of families across the community by providing Hope, Education, Resources And Encouragement — H.E.R.E. And all services are provided at no cost to families.

“We’re so honored to pay it forward to your organization and all the wonderful work that you do,” Vicki Love, CEO of WesTex Federal Credit Union, said. “Our credit union is very much founded on being community connected. And so this is just a great fit to pay it forward to because we want to bring additional awareness to your organization because we don’t like the pay it forward to stop with us. And so, you know, a lot of times that’s how people hear about you. how they make an impact financially or in every other way to your organization, so you continue to enjoy much success and impact families in a very positive way.”

“The more families, you can touch you know and have that impact on them, the more you’re getting done,” Olson said.

“So whenever we pull all our efforts together collectively it makes a huge impact,” Love said.

You can find The Parenting Cottage website here and their Facebook page here.

For those who would like to nominate someone for Pay It Forward, they can fill out the form at

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