Okla. man finds stranger living in his attic

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO/CNN) - When an Oklahoma homeowner heard a commotion in his attic, he expected to find squirrels. Instead, he found a grown man hanging out on a mattress.

“He came in through the attic. He camped out overnight. I need somebody here immediately. I have a gun on him right now,” the homeowner told a 911 dispatcher.

Police say before the homeowner grabbed his gun, he kept hearing strange noises coming from his attic.

"Apparently, the residence has a staircase that goes up the side of the house with attic access, so that appears to be how the person got into the attic,” said a police spokesman.

On the 911 call, you can hear the homeowner direct the suspect out of the house at gunpoint to the front gate where officers were waiting.

The suspect, who police say is a transient, is in the Oklahoma County jail.

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