Candidates for Lubbock, Hale county commissioner await results of provisional and mail in ballots

Updated: Mar. 4, 2020 at 6:33 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - There were a couple tight races in yesterday’s election, specifically the race for county commissioner in Lubbock and Hale counties.

In Lubbock County, the race for county commissioner precinct one, Terence Kovar won 50.02 percent of the total vote and Lee Ann Dumbauld received 42.93 percent.

In Hale County, the race for county commissioner precinct one, Harold King won 50.27 percent of the total vote and Brent Ransower received 49.73 percent.

However, the final results will not be in until Monday when the provisional and mail in ballots are counted.

Dorothy Kennedy is the Lubbock County elections administrator.

“We’ve been an elections administrator’s office for 16 years and we’ve seen two elections where Provisionals made the difference,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy said there are three pools of ballots that still need to be counted.

“The provisional, the military and FPCA’s (Federal Post Card Application), and then your regular mail ballots,’ Kennedy said.

Kennedy explained that someone can use a provisional ballot if they are not registered to vote or their name does not come up in the database.

“What happens with all the Provisionals and the mail ballots that are left out there at this point, is that the Early Voting Ballot Board will come together on next Monday,” Kennedy said.

The ballot board will either accept or reject the provisional ballots.

Kennedy said, in yesterday’s election, there were about 530 provisional ballots.

Terence Kovar, running for Lubbock County commissioner precinct one, is sitting at 50 percent plus a couple of votes.

He said he was expecting the results to be even closer.

“Now they’re moving into mail-in ballots and that’s going to kind of determine if I go ahead and win or this turns into a run-off,” Kovar said, “so now I’m back to nervousness again.”

Harold King, running for Hale County commissioner precinct one, is also sitting at a little more than 50 percent.

“I was nervous,” King said. “I mean, I think you wouldn’t be human and not be nervous in a situation like that.”

Kovar said this goes to show that every vote counts.

“People don’t believe that, but when they see this election it proves it, that every vote does count,” Kovar said.

“Me and my wife and my youngest daughter, who still lives in Plainview, all went a voted during the early voting,” King said, “and Davy goes, I think those were the three votes that put you over the top.”

Final results, including provisional, military and mail in ballots, will be determined on Monday.

“These races that are very close, they’re not over yet,” Kennedy said.

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