CVS Pharmacy offering free prescription delivery during outbreak

CVS Pharmacy offering free prescription delivery during outbreak
CVS is waiving its delivery fees for prescriptions during the current coronavirus outbreak. (Source: CNN)

(CNN) - Beginning immediately, CVS Pharmacy will waive delivery fees for prescription drugs due to the coronavirus outbreak.

“Being committed to the welfare of those we serve means being responsive to evolving needs and acting swiftly. This is particularly true in times of uncertainty,” Troyen Brennan, the executive vice president and chief medical officer of CVS Health, said in a press release.

CVS cited the CDC’s guidance advising people with a higher risk of serious complications caused by the coronavirus to stay home as much as possible.

Aetna, a CVS Health company, is waiving early refill limits on 30-day prescription maintenance drugs. They are offering that to all members with pharmacy benefits administered through CVS Caremark.

"When you're in a position to increase convenience and help provide some peace of mind, you act. As long as COVID-19 continues to be a threat, we'll maintain a relentless focus on how best to serve our patients, members and customers," Brennan continued.

The insurance company is also offering 90-day maintenance medication prescriptions to insured and Medicaid members.

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