Consider This: Lubbock needs Tornado Sirens

Updated: Mar. 10, 2020 at 9:02 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - At least 24 people lost their lives after tornadoes ripped through Nashville and other parts of middle Tennessee on march 3.

Among the stories of survival is Lubbock native Toby Caldwell and his family. They live east of Nashville and were home when the storm hit.

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Toby says even though they were watching the storm from their phones, it was the outdoor warning system, or tornado sirens, that prompted them to take cover.

Toby’s story is just one of thousands in that area that were alerted of nearby tornado, after midnight, by sirens going off outside.

But unfortunately, if a tornado were to hit Lubbock tonight, there would be no stories like Toby’s to tell. not one person could say they heard sirens and took cover.

Consider This: There is simply no substitute for tornado sirens. They are designed to work when other alert systems are most vulnerable. Yet, here we are approaching another severe weather season with no outdoor warning system that, we know, saves lives.

So, once again, i’m calling on our city council to take action. Lubbock needs tornado sirens. If you agree, e-mail the mayor and your city council person. I’ve posted their information at under consider this.

Mayor Dan Pope:

District 1 Juan Chadis:

District 2 Shelia Patterson Harris:

District 3 Jeff Griffith:

District 4 Steve Massengale:

District 5 Randy Christian:

District 6 Latrelle Joy:

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