KCBD INTERVIEW: Congressman Jodey Arrington on COVID-19 Response

KCBD INTERVIEW: Congressman Jodey Arrington on COVID-19

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The senate will not be voting on a massive stimulus package tonight.

Republicans and Democrats continue trying to hammer out a bill to ease the economic hit to Americans by the measures that governments are taking to slow the spread of coronavirus.

The negotiations are expected to go into the night as congress faces increasing pressure to inject aid into the economy.

Democrats say the current plan favors corporations at the expense of public health and workers.

KCBD’s Abner Euresti spoke to congressman Jodey Arrington via skype today.

Arrington says it is the Democrats who are holding up progress with what they want in the bill.

“Unfortunately it’s being bogged down in irrelevant, non-germane policy issues that I mentioned; Climate change proposals, pension bailout proposals that have nothing to do with helping workers and families recover from this natural disaster.”

Part of the present plan would send checks directly to american households, but Congressman Arrington says he doesn’t know if that is the best approach.

“I’m not looking to provide stimulus, I’m looking to provide economic assistance, and individual assistance so we can rebound and recover,” Rep. Arrington said.

You can watch the full interview with Congressman Jodey Arrington above.

Rep. Arrington is seeking input from West Texans in District 19 on what you think would provide relief for your family, business, or community.

You can reach Congressman Arrington’s suggestions page here: https://bit.ly/3biEAXZ

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