Want to make a medical mask? Here are the steps

Caregivers at the Joe Arrington Cancer Center on the Covenant Health campus make D-I-Y medical...
Caregivers at the Joe Arrington Cancer Center on the Covenant Health campus make D-I-Y medical masks.(Covenant Health)
Updated: Mar. 24, 2020 at 12:24 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - As Personal Protective Equipment donations are on the increase, those who don’t have a box of gloves or medical masks on hand now have some alternatives.

Covenant Health has released a guide that details the steps necessary to put together a mask at home or wherever a sewing machine is available. And the health system is giving the opportunity for community seamstresses and seamsters to put their talents to work.

  • The materials needed for large and medium size masks include two yards of 44-inch wide fabric, and four 18-inch ties. That much fabric should be able to make about 18 medium masks or 15 large masks.
  • For the outer layer of the mask, heavily tightly-woven 100 percent cotton is suggested but any tightly-woven durable 100 percent cotton fabric will still work.
  • In the inner layer, any tightly-woven 100 percent cotton fabric will do.
  • All fabrics must be 100 percent cotton that is pre-washed and pre-shrunk.
  • All seams should be sewn with a 3/8-inch allowance, which is typically the outside edge of the sewing machine foot. The top stitching should be close to the outer edge of the mask to help hold its shape.
  • The two pieces of the lining should be sewn together on the large curved side of the pieces with the right sides of the fabric inside.
  • Before sewing the outer and inner layers together, fold the fabric over 1/4 of an inch, then fold over 1/4 of an inch again, and top stitch near the edge of the fold.
  • Then, pin the outer and inner layers together.
  • Once that’s done, the mask should be turned inside out. Then fold the edges of the outer layer even with the top and bottom edges of the mask. The sides should be folded 1/4 of an inch twice.
  • Put the unfinished end of the tie about 1/2 inch into the fold and top stitch the length of the side of the mask.
  • Once the ties are sewn, press all the edges of the face mask. Once that is done, top stitch the top and bottom edges of the mask close to the outer edges.

Then the mask is done.

If those instructions are not clear enough, Covenant has provide a PowerPoint presentation with photos attached. Mask patterns can also be found on www.craftpassion.com.

Covenant says this method has been approved by the health system and anyone who wants to donate the mask can bring it to its donation location at 21st Street and Indiana Avenue. More donation information can be found here.

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