Covenant Health in Lubbock talks about home made face masks

Covenant Health in Lubbock talks about home made face masks

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Many across the nation are breaking out their sewing machines to help provide homemade face masks for their neighbors in the medical community.

"We live in such a wonderful and generous community and have such great community support and that is why we actually started this,” said Cynthia Salisbury, Chief Quality Officer for Covenant Health.

Tuesday, Covenant Health released a pattern for a homemade face mask, after the community asked them, ‘How can we help our caregivers and our community stay safe?’

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“We worked fast and furious with our infection prevention professionals and with our infectious disease physicians, and determined a pattern and some instructions that would work so that our community could help us to create masks that would work and keep our caregivers safe,” said Salisbury.

Covenant Health said they’ve received many donations but need this specific design for a reason.

"The reason why we built the opening into the pattern that we have distributed to the public is so we can add an extra layer of filtration into those masks that we're going to give to our caregivers,” said Salisbury.

But don’t think you can just slip a coffee filter in the homemade face masks for your own protection. The droplet of the virus so small, the hospital has to use a medical-grade filter inside.

“The filter that we’re going to be using will prevent the transmission of particles that are that small to keep them from reaching our caregiver and causing infection,” said Salisbury.

They add that while wearing a cloth face mask will offer some level of protection, it won’t prevent you from getting COVID-19 from someone who is infected.

"The additional practices of good hand washing, good hand hygiene and social distancing are important,” said Salisbury.

Covenant Health is taking medical supply donations and homemade face masks through a drive-thru clinic located at the corner of 21st and Indiana.

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