Lubbock County gets a B on social distancing scoreboard

A map from Unacast shows Lubbock gets a B on its social distancing techniques.
A map from Unacast shows Lubbock gets a B on its social distancing techniques.(
Updated: Mar. 25, 2020 at 11:33 AM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - When it comes to social distancing, Lubbock County is doing well but there is still lots of room for improvement.

The practice of social distancing has become commonplace because of the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic.

A geographic data collection company, Unacast, headquartered out of New York has put together an interactive map that rates how people are social distancing around the world. Rating counties, countries and so on, on an A through F system Unacast gives Lubbock a B.

But that rating could change as the company says the data on its map is updated daily.

Unacast is a company that provides other companies with location data, gathered through a stream of GPS pings it collects from various sources, according to its website.

It put together the Social Distancing Scoreboard as a way to help organizations and people measure social distancing in their communities. A link to that map can be found here.

Data from Unacast shows Lubbock County’s mobility drop off came on March 18, one day after the first two cases of COVID-19 were reported in the county. Since then, four disaster declarations have been issued by Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope that puts restrictions on public gatherings and has ordered some non-essential businesses to close down.

The number of coronavirus cases has also increased since the drop-off, with an updated count at 22 as of the publishing of this article.

Uncast’s data also shows the top counties practicing social distancing the best are Schleicher, Edwards, Delta, Real and Jim Hogg counties. The five at the bottom of its list are La Salle, Wheeler, Armstrong, Donley and Oldham counties.

The counties that were given an A rating on the South Plains are Gaines, Yoakum, Terry, Hockley, Scurry, Kent and Floyd counties. Bailey County was the only one on the South Plains to be given an F rating. Most of the rest of the counties either had C or Bs.

Recommendations included in social distancing are working from home, closing schools and switching to online classes, not visiting loved ones in person, and holding off on mass gatherings.

Unacast says as it updates it data it will also update its ratings. Learn more about the map here.

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