Local Restaurant Provides Curbside Concert: Music and Meals To-Go

Local Restaurant Provides Curbside Concert: Music and Meals To-Go

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A local business is changing the game when it comes to curbside service in the Hub-City. This as restaurants across Lubbock, as well as local artists, adjust around working to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

For local musician, Dustin Garrett, there is one solid truth about the city’s music scene, “Music is a way of life here in Lubbock, Texas.”

For Garrett, the recent closing of businesses in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 came as a bit of a shock.

“It is different when you hear that restaurants and venues that you play normally are going to be shut-down and are not going to be allowed to have music or anything in it,” said Garrett.

However, he says despite the change in pace he and many others are experiencing, he says there is a definite positive, "Everybody’s coming together during this time.”

Garrett says it is the camaraderie and collaboration that helped to create ‘Curbside Concerts’ at Funky Door, all in an effort to support local business, “It’s very safe, to be able to come out, hear some music, pick-up your food. You can even eat it right in the car.”

Funky Door service manager, Ben Parker says the effort to support local business also extends to local musicians. He says Funky Door is proud to be able to give them a platform during this very unique time. “It really allows us to make sure that they’re taking care of their family as much as we’re trying to take care of our Lubbock family,” said Parker.

Customer Robert Holmes says the support of local businesses and musicians is crucial, “They’re the fabric of our economy and without these guys, we lose so much.”

Garrett says the support from the community is heartwarming.“I think that’s awesome that the community is coming together to find various ways - and very cool ways to still keep everything alive in this time of crisis.”

Above all though, Garret says he hopes neighbors remember this important message, “Live, Lubbock, local, right? Keep it local.”

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