Lubbock company making masks for nationwide distribution to fight Covid-19 outbreak

Updated: Mar. 25, 2020 at 10:16 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock company Scarborough Specialities, which normally helps make promotional products for businesses around the country, has been allowed to stay open amid the COVID-19 outbreak to make masks.

“With the Coronavirus going around these past few weeks, our regular business started slowing down. My brother-in-law, Stan, had a great idea: ‘Let’s start moving all of our embroidery production into making masks,’” said CEO of Scarborough Specialties, Jay Jacobus.

Jacobus knows his employees are depending on him to make ends meet.

"We were going to have to lay off people and this gave us the opportunity to keep employees on the floor here.”

"We were very worried about us closing down and from one day to another, they just came up with this idea,” said employee, Monica Cardenas.

Jacobus said they’re trying to help all of the healthcare professionals around the country who desperately need masks to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

“We’ve got a good order with UMC and we’re going to be getting it to them this week.”

Mayor Dan Pope allowed them to stay open to continue this new production, agreeing with Jacobus that it was an essential need.

After planning for the past week how they were going to accomplish the task at hand, Tuesday was the first day they had masks ready to go.

“There was a team of us that came up on Sunday to work and that’s really where we started getting the plan together. ’Hey, who would be good at this? And what should we do here?'”

The CDC doesn’t recommend face masks for people who are well, but Jay says he’s making them for everyone who wants one.

For more information on where you can purchase a mask, head to or call 806-792-9925 .

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