LPD encourages kindness as local association spreads ‘LOVE’

LPD urging kindness as stress escalates around town

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Police are partnering with some community organizations to encourage kindness and de-escalate stressful situations as we all work to deal with this new reality.

This comes as the Hub City prepares for at least another week of social distancing.

Lubbock Police Department Public Information Officer Allison Matherly says LPD is asking residents to make a special effort to be kind to one another during this stressful time.

“It’s really important to remember that we are all going through the same scenarios. We are experiencing the same stresses from COVID-19 and those situations that arise from that.”

LPD knows that everything won’t always be perfect. So, what should you do if you happen to find yourself in a high-stress situation?

“Any time you can de-escalate a situation, either move away from it, leave an area, that’s going to be the easiest option,” Mather said.

But she also says there are moments when calling the police is 100% the right thing to do.

“If you feel like it’s a true emergency, call 9-1-1, that is why that number is there. If it’s a situation that does require an officer’s presence, but maybe doesn’t rise to that emergency level, you can call our non-emergency line, which is 806-775-2865.”

Matherly says there is one important thing to remember during this age of heightened tensions, “Just be so kind to the people around us."

That is the exact message members of the Texas Tech University Chinese Faculty and Staff Association are working to share.

Associate Professor of English and Director of Asian Studies, Yuan Shu, says the group is working on multiple projects to help the Lubbock Community Combat COVID-19.

“We want to present ourselves as members of the Texas Tech Family and also the Lubbock Community,” Shu said.

Yuanlin Zhang, Associate Professor of Computer Science says the mission is fairly simple: “We came up with this idea of this LOVE project. L for Lubbock, cOVid-19 for O and V. rElief for the E...for this LOVE project.”

Projects include donating 1,000 masks in the coming weeks to UMC, partnering with Meals on Wheels to donate food and working with Lubbock ISD in order to tutor students online during this time.

“It’s a sequence of projects that we’re trying really to be with the local community, to be against the virus,” Zhang said.

Both LPD and the Chinese Faculty and Staff Association want community members to remember that we all live and work in the same community and that as long as we unite, we can overcome.

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