Lubbock boy switching to virtual piano lessons to keep his skills sharp

Students staying sharp with virtual piano lessons

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The COVID-19 outbreak has everybody changing their routines, but the pandemic isn’t stopping 7-year-old Charlie Lucoski of Lubbock from working on his piano lessons.

His teacher, Whitney Barron, is offering virtual lessons for her students.

"26 of my students decided to do online,” Barron said.

Whitney says the sight of sheet music and workbooks, along with the sounds of the keyboard keep kids focused and ambitious, but that progress can be lost if they stop.

"[It] gives them something to work towards and gives them some extra practice with all of that time at home.”

"When she’s here it’s a lot easier, when she’s not here it’s a lot harder,” Charlie said.

Whitney says the lessons pose challenges, but practicing what you’ve previously learned helps you move forward.

Lubbock Health Psychologist Pat Randolph says these virtual lessons are also good for the mind.

“We yearn for the structure of routine, especially in periods of uncertainty and fear,” Dr. Randolph said.

Charlie’s mom, Melody Lucoski, said she likes to keep Charlie busy because she doesn’t want him to lose progress.

“There is the issue of her not being here to guide him and show him where his hands need to be and guide him with the notes if he gets confused, but it is effective for what it is...”

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