United Family donates 100 bouquets of flowers to nurses at Lubbock hospitals

United Family Stores donate flowers to hospitals

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Thursday morning, The United Family delivered more than 100 bouquets of flowers to the three main hospitals here in Lubbock: University Medical Center, Covenant, and Grace Medical Center.

“We are bringing flowers to UMCs nurses. they're on the front line, we're on the front line, and flowers bring happiness,” said Bradley Gaines, the Director f Floral for The United Family, “So we're just trying to bring happiness to the nurses.”

The United Family said the flowers were originally for the wedding expo, but that event was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. So, they decided to donate the remaining flowers to nurses at local hospitals.”

Gaines explained why they decided to do this.

“Everybody has is a little downtrodden right now. And flowers really bring happiness,” said Gaines, “Rutgers University did a study in 2019 on how flowers actually make people happy.

“This is this is a small gesture on their part, but it means so much to us these are going to go throughout all of our units,” said Eric Finley, UMC’s Public Information Officer, “Nurses are going to see these all day just be reminded that there's a lot of support and love out there for what they're dealing with.”

UMC said they appreciate all of the love, support, and donations from the community.

Finley said he’s not surprised by what United did for his staff. “We certainly haven't expected the kind of outpouring of support that we've seen from all over the community-united included.”

“We appreciate it so much. We've gotten so many donations and support from the community. This is just the latest one and it's really overwhelming to us. We didn't really expect it,” said Finley, “We shouldn't be surprised by it because this is what limit does is what was Texas does and we're very grateful for all of it.”

The United Family also has a message for all medical staff: “We really appreciate what they do. Stay strong, be positive. Keep fighting,” said Gaines, “Thank you from United.”

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