In absence of sports, Tech Athletics releases new podcast

Texas Tech rolls out new podcast

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It’s been more than two weeks since any Texas Tech team has participated in a collegiate sport.

With the sports world nationwide on a temporary shutdown because of COVID-19, the external operations team at Tech put in play an idea to still allow access to Red Raider sports.

“We thought, ‘well what would be a good way to reach out?’" Robert Giovannetti, senior associate athletics director of external operations, said. "We thought about doing the podcast, we’ve been talking about it. We had a podcast channel set up, and so we thought this would be a good time to do it. Keep our fans engaged and talk to a lot of different people that miss it too and are an integral part of Texas Tech athletics.”

The first episode of the podcast featured Texas Tech football coach Matt Wells. Plans are already in place for the second episode to include head baseball coach Tim Tadlock.

While the big names may be the draw for some Red Raider fans, the name of the podcast itself is another example of all magic being made by the Red Raiders.

“We call this one Typical Tech. And the reason we do that is because sometimes people have used that as a negative. I see typical Tech as a positive," Giovannetti said. "Coach Wells made a tremendous donation to help people in the community in need. We’ve been seeing success on the field, to me that’s typical Tech, the great things that’s happening here.”

The external ops team chose to allow the fans to either watch the video podcast, or download it and listen to it on the go, so they don’t miss a second of the output of content especially in this time of need.

The team said the podcast will most likely continue even when sports return.

“There’s that sense of you want to be able to share that with people too and let people into their homes, let people see. Hey we’re all hurting, we’re all kind of in this together, so it was a very important part for us,” he said.

Typical Tech can be found here: Texas Tech Athletics Podcast

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