Arrington: Supported bill to provide immediate relief for families

KCBD Interview: Representative Jodey Arrington on CARES Act

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Abner spoke with Lubbock Congressman Jodey Arrington in Washington via Zoom on Friday.

Arrington said like many who voted for the relief bill, there were parts of it he would have changed, but he said what was important was providing relief for Americans now.

"You don't have to get everything you want to believe something is still good and is still helpful. I think in this case, getting something out and getting it out quickly will provide for small businesses and support in the form of paid medical and family leave and other ways to support families, were more important to me than getting the bill perfect at this point," Arrington said.

This is the third phase of the rescue package. There is now talk of expanding the federal government relief with even more legislation.

Arrington says congress should wait before acting on that.

"I would say that phase four that people are talking about, Abner, we just put $2 trillion in play. That will be a lifeline to many small businesses and families. We need to see how that plays out and how it's absorbed and where it's getting traction."

“I’m not anxious to do another one. I think what we did was sufficient at this point. In fact, I would argue the price at this point was a little too high. But at any rate, we need to let this work its way through the system. See how the markets and the economy respond and how families recover as a result. Then we can talk about filling some gaps and holes if there are any. But we don’t need to be jumping to phase 4 at this point. I think that’s premature.”

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