Lubbock ISD releases COVID-19 grading policy

Lubbock ISD releases COVID-19 grading policy
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock ISD Superintendent Kathy Rollo sent an email to all LISD parents on Friday morning explaining the COVID-19 grading policy.

Below is the full email.

These are especially uncertain times. We know that even when educational routines are normal, GPA and class rank can cause stress for both students and parents. The current situation, with the fifth and sixth six-week grading periods in limbo due to our school closures, is raising that stress to unprecedented levels. Lubbock ISD administration wants to reassure you it is adopting policies and applying procedures in a fair, consistent, and equitable manner for all students.

GPA Calculation for High School Credit on Transcript

For transcript purposes, GPA calculations will cease effective the end of the fourth six weeks.

Numerical grades for any student taking high school credit for transcript purposes will be calculated as follows: the first semester grade will stand as recorded. The second semester grade will be determined by averaging the first, second, third, and fourth six weeks grades. Put another way, the second semester grade will be computed using this calculation: (first six weeks + second six weeks + third six weeks + fourth six weeks)/4 = second semester grade on the transcript. Online courses taken for advancement through Lubbock ISD online will be included.

TEAMS Gradebook not accessible

Many families and students are asking why the TEAMS/Gradebook is currently not accessible. Academic performance for the fifth six-week grading period will be based on completion of student work assigned from March 30 forward. Grading “make-up” work for work assigned before spring break would be inequitable to some students due to uneven internet access.

Therefore, Lubbock ISD closed access to TEAMS/Gradebook, and it will no longer be accessible. As you have been informed by prior communication, there are only three grades which will be assigned for online work: P for Pass, I for Incomplete, and E for Exempt.

During our school closures, Lubbock ISD teachers will keep a spreadsheet for student grades rather than utilizing the TEAMS/Gradebook. Communication to families regarding missing work during the COVID-19 online learning period will come through Google Classroom.

Communication to families regarding fifth six weeks grades will be sent via letter on April 9, 2020, reporting student grades for each course of enrollment.

We know grades are important to our families and students. You also have an expectation that Lubbock ISD will maximize student learning while keeping consistent, fair, and objective grading during our students online learning experience.

Thank you for your support of Lubbock ISD, especially right now. We would much prefer calculating GPA and class rank in the traditional and time-tested manner, but are confident that this is the best method to make these determinations in a way that is equitable to all concerned.

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