Fertility specialist encouraging everyone to use masks, gloves during COVID-19

Healthwise interview with fertility specialist Dr. Jennifer Phy

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Imagine being pregnant right now and worried about exposure to this new virus that is sweeping across the globe.

Dr. Jennifer Phy is a fertility specialist at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. She says they are not offering any fertility treatments right now, but they are not discouraging couples from trying to get pregnant on their own, espeically if this is the right time because of age or whatever medical reasons.

Thankfully, she says there is no evidence that pregnant women are more at risk for COVID-19, but they are more afraid.

She says, "The pregnant moms we're seeing, they're so nervous, afraid to leave home. We want to protect them. I would say that we can not be careful enough with the social distancing - the stay at home as much as you can. This is critical."

Dr. Phy pulled out a page with new guidelines from the CDC asking America to use facial coverings in public during the pandemic.

“I’m literally begging people to do this. I think wearing gloves offers some protection on hands too. I just think it prevents the accidental touching of your eyes, nose and mouth. This really is a big deal. And I think pregnant moms, everyone out there, we have to take this seriously.”

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