Skin Doctor says Gloves can be Tricky

Caring for your skin when wearing masks, gloves

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - While most people just put on a mask briefly when they have to go out, health care workers could be strapped in a mask for most of the day.

That can trigger sore spots where it loops around the ears or skin irritation on the face due to excessive use.

That's according to Dr. Ashley Sturgeon, a Dermatologist and Texas Tech Physician, who offers this suggestion: "Especially health care workers can help soothe the skin by wearing vaseline or petroleum jelly on sore areas when they're not wearing their protective equipment. And they can use hydrocortisone safely for a few days at a time, over the counter hydrocortisone, to help with the inflammation. The acne is harder to treat but we can work on that."

And what about hands that are wearing plastic gloves all day, especially in this dry climate?

Dr. Sturgeon says she has a bigger concern when she sees people wearing gloves to shop at the grocery store.

She explains, “The issue isn’t that you touch the key pad at the grocery store. You touch the products on the counter and you touch the steering wheel and you touch your cell phone and you touch your face. So you’re still contaminating things with gloves. That’s why washing your hands can be more effective.”

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