McDougal making plans to get Texas back to work as part of Abbott’s Strike Force Advisory Board

Updated: Apr. 17, 2020 at 9:54 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - 10 days. That’s how long the ‘Strike Force’ appointed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has to help create and implement a plan to reopen and revitalize the state’s economy.

Former Lubbock Mayor and local businessman, Marc McDougal was named a member of the Strike Force. While the governor set a goal of a soft launch of the state’s economy by April 27, McDougal says that the governor has made it very clear to members of the force that he wants to see a collection of ideas and plans by early next week.

So, McDougal says these next few days will be filled with a lot of research and very little sleep.

“There’s a number of things that I would like to see come out of this,” McDougal said.

Friday’s announcement of the 39 member Strike Force means one thing for McDougal; an even more heightened focus on the Texas economy.

“I think we have got to level the playing field as it relates to retail and let what I call the mom-and-pop shops in West Texas and Lubbock and rural Texas open back up,” he added.

The governor’s announcement painted a clear picture of what the reopening will look like, “Opening Texas must occur in stages,” Abbott said.

A statement McDougal says he agrees with, “We do not want to rush to open and then have to rush harder to close again.”

Abbott laid out the goal of the strike force at Friday’s news conference.

“They will gather information and they will make recommendations about ways that businesses can reopen, as well as the safe practices that those businesses should use,” Abbott said.

McDougal says he and other members will take a lot of aspects into consideration before making their recommendations, including the advice of medical professionals.

“What I will be turning into the governor’s office on Monday is a plan that would open retail, a plan to open restaurants and bars, a plan to open businesses with - a limited capacity,” McDougal said.

He says once the initial ideas are compiled, the Strike Force members will then work in smaller groups in order to refine those suggestions.

“We’ll get the work done and we’ll get the governor a recommendation by late next week. But, I’m very hopeful that what you’re going to see on the 27th is a pretty good expansion, although slow, but a pretty good expansion and a plan to get all of our Texas businesses back up and running.”

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