Local grandfather creates Lubbock-based safari guide

Local grandfather creates Lubbock-based safari guide
The grandfather of a Lubbock pastor created a safari guide as a way to get his family to go on an adventure. (Source: Trent Lowe)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - It was a mixture of boredom and creativity that led a Lubbock-area granddad to create a safari guide for his family to enjoy. It also gave them a reason to get out of the house while still social distancing.

Pastor Trent Lowe, with Connect Church in Lubbock, says his dad was the mastermind behind the safari and created the guide initially for his family. The idea came from social distancing practices.

The guide includes detailed instructions on where to start, along with some punny jokes.

Lowe and his family went through all the steps, and eventually through south and southwest Lubbock and had a blast, he says.

The safari, called the Urban Big-game Safari Adventure for Fidgety Explorers – UBSAFE for short, was so fun Lowe decided to share it with the whole community.

The guide, which can be downloaded here, includes specific instructions on where to start, where to look and when to sing (in some cases). Most of the expedition area is throughout 82nd Street and parts of Wolfforth.

So, it is important to adventurers that they start in the parking lot of Frenship High School, across from People’s Bank Stadium. Now, feel free to download that guide to go out on a Lubbock adventure and don’t be surprised if there is a Bigfoot sighting.

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