Ropes & SpringLake-Earth help each other reach their goal....posts!!

Ropes & SpringLake-Earth help each other reach their goal....posts!!
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ROPESVILLE & EARTH, Texas (KCBD) - Ropesville is moving from six-man football to 11-man football. SpringLake-Earth is moving from 11-man football to six-man football.

The two schools helped each other out by swapping goalposts. Ropes football Coach Lane Jackson says it was his Superintendent’s idea.

“He came and said we have to get on this. He said SpringLake-Earth is looking to go six-man, we’re going 11-man so go over and look at their goalposts. I went over there and said yeah, they’re in good shape. they’re probably newer than ours, so we did a swap.”

SpringLake-Earth Coach Israel DeLeon says it was beneficial to both schools to made the trade.

“That saved their school and our school financially.”

Ropes is moving up from 6-man to 11 man football for the first time since 1999. SpringLake-Earth is dropping from 11...

Posted by Pete Christy KCBD on Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The swap took about three weeks with crews deconstructing the goalposts and transporting them to their new homes.


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