Jayton to unveil newly renovated maternity home

New maternity home opening in Jayton this June

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The people of Jayton will tell you they are right in the middle of West Texas, 90 minutes from Lubbock and 90 minutes from Abilene. They call that the perfect place for a one of a kind maternity home.

It’s called the Sparrow’s Nest. Tricia Edwards, the Executive Director says the board of directors for this non-profit discussed waiting until after the pandemic to open their doors. However, since they are already serving some women in need, they decided to go ahead with their grand opening in June.

That’s when they will unveil the town’s newly renovated nursing home as the “Sparrow’s Nest”, a place for pregnant women to do much more than just wait for their babies to arrive. Tricia explains, “So with our ability to house women, we can take them, support them through delivery and beyond delivery until their baby’s first birthday. So we’re truly a long term program.”

Even though the facility is based in Jayton, Tricia says they welcome young pregnant women in crisis from all over West Texas. She says , “There’s not a maternity home in a 250 mile radius. So our hope is that we can provide the stability for women on a long term basis so they can break that poverty cycle, better themselves and become productive members of society.”

The average stay at the Sparrow’s Nest will be 12 to 15 months.

That kind of support for pregnant young women and their newborns is an expensive endeavor. But she says a lot of private donors have provided funding and a lot of community members have volunteered their help in many ways.

Word is spreading fast about the mission of the Sparrow’s Nest. She says some churches in Lubbock and across the South Plains have also offered financial help by sponsoring rooms at the facility.

More than just housing, Tricia says they have the staff available to help these young women find jobs, continue their education and learn how to start a new life as a mom.

For more on the Sparrow’s Nest, listen to the full interview on this page.

You can also visit https://sparrowsnestmh.org/

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