Local Businesses Step-Up to Help One Another During Reopening Process

Updated: May. 1, 2020 at 8:50 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - As businesses across the South Plains prepare to welcome in their patrons once again in the coming days, two entrepreneurs in particular are hopeful these first few days back will mark a new and improved way of conducting business, while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

For Wild West Vintage Decor off west 19th street in Lubbock; Friday, May 1 marks a new beginning for business. The owner, Lacy Jones says it is the new beginning that has prompted her and other local business owners to band together in order to be as successful as possible in the coming days.

“I’m just tickled pink today being able to let our customers in the store,” said Jones.

“I have been parked in the barn for seven weeks. I’ve had weddings canceled, I’ve had weddings postponed. So, I was really so excited to be out today,” said Kimberly Lutrick, owner of the Thirsty Horse, a mobile drink truck.

In fact, today was more than either one could have imagined.

“It’s been unbelievable, today has shown me how much Lubbock loves small businesses,” said Jones.

“Everyone is happy to be out, everyone is ready to be out. We’re social distancing. Everyone is taking that very seriously, but we have got to get back to life and living,” said Lutrick.

Jones says the decision to include other small business owners in her reopening process was an easy one, “I definitely contacted the food truck, Farm to Market, and I contacted the Thirsty Horse, because I know that they also have struggled during this time to keep afloat and keep customers coming.”

She says in addition to creating a business opportunity for other entrepreneurs, she said she also realized the importance of creating an enjoyable experience for customers, “Since we’re only allowing 17 people in, into our store at one time, then it gives them something to do, it gives them a place to get something to drink, because it is hot outside, and also a place to eat if they wanted to.”

Lutrick says its relationships like these that will help her business get back up and running, “I’m hoping for a lot of Friday’s and Saturday’s like this. Just getting back out. if we all come together, all the local proprietors work together, it just helps all of us to be successful.”

A sentiment Jones supports wholeheartedly, “That’s what it’s about, is businesses helping other businesses grow – and especially us small businesses.”

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