Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force adds new guidelines for businesses opening Friday

Economic Recovery Task Force reviews guidelines for Lubbock business

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - The Lubbock Economic Recovery Task Force is adding to their Lubbock Safe Program guidelines for a second time after Governor Abbott announced more business openings this Friday, including nail, hair, and tanning salons and barber shops.

The Lubbock Safe Program is a voluntary program that businesses can apply to become “certified,” to give the public an extra sense of security that they are safe when they go inside. Certified businesses get stickers to display in their front windows.

“We’re still very proud of the program. We feel it’s a higher standard and it fits in with Lubbock. Our community has worked so well together to fight off the COVID-19 virus," said Steve Massengale, co-chair of the Recovery Task Force.

In order to become certified, you have to meet the protocols from the governor’s executive order and extra guidelines the program adds. On Wednesday, they added more guidelines for the businesses opening up on Friday.

Social distancing is the main requirement for all businesses. All businesses are required to disinfect supplies. For nail and hair salon appointments, customers are encouraged to stay in their cars until the employee runs out to get them.

The Lubbock Safe Program adds items to the list, including adding barriers between customers and employees and wearing masks. The governor is not requiring customers to wear masks, but he is encouraging it.

“We’re asking they position work stations in the facility to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We’ve added the fact a physical barrier or wall achieves this requirement,” said Dave Marcinkowski, another member of the Recovery Task Force.

The Task Force admits it can tricky to enforce all the governor’s rules.

"Some of those businesses have separate rooms where they conduct their work and that would be more than adequate. Some are in larger rooms with technicians and if they’re not socially distanced, they may need to skip over every other chair,” Massengale said.

And for swimming pools that chose to open on Friday:

“We’re asking for all furniture near the pool area to be reconfigured to encourage social distancing and limit groups that come in to the size of the household or up to five individuals," Marcinkowski said.

The Lubbock Safe Program has a whole set of guidelines for essential medical offices and hospitals that were never closed. This is to keep them as safe as possible for health care providers and patients who go to see a doctor.

“We’re asking for furniture to be arranged to encourage social distancing. We’re asking for patients to limit the number of people who accompany them. I believe most of these places, essential medical establishments, have set numbers of what can happen there and we encouraging you to stick with that. We’re encouraging patients, if you can, to call ahead and set appointments,” Marcinkowski said.

The updated guidelines from the Lubbock Safe Program will be available on The City of Lubbock’s website in the Lubbock Safe section on Thursday morning.

To register your business with the program, visit the same website.

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