Mayor Pope asking customers to stay safe, reopen ‘the Lubbock way’

Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope live with Karin & Abner as salons reopen

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope spoke with Karin and Abner on Thursday, doing his part to build up consumer confidence as hair and nail salons open on Friday.

Pope says consumer confidence "has gotten better every day. I think it's getting better, but we have a long way to go."

Pope said people may be reluctant to go out because they've gotten cautious, because they've gotten used to staying at home, or even because "our local restaurants have gotten awfully good at curbside delivery."

But he remains optimistic, saying, "We like to break bread with our family and our friends. I think we'll get back in our restaurants, I think it will continue to build."

Pope says we need to get more restaurants open, but many have decided not to since they're only allowed 25 percent occupancy.

"Many restaurants have chosen not to open at 25 percent. I think when we get to 50 percent they'll make the decision to open. More business there, I think that's good for the community."

Director of Public Health Dr. Katherine Wells says it will take seven days for cases to show up after businesses reopened last Friday. Karin asked the mayor if he expects to see a spike in new COVID-19 cases going forward.

The mayor admits that's possible, but he says people have learned how to take care of themselves, "how to do their distancing. We're doing a lot more handwashing, we're doing a lot more wearing of face coverings. I'm not necessarily certain we're going to see that jump."

The mayor said the city has handled this well. He appealed to West Texas common sense as he asked Lubbock to "stay the course."

“Let’s reopen, let’s do it safely, let’s do it the Lubbock way,” Pope said.

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