Clients scramble for appointments as Lubbock salons open for business

Lubbock hair and nail salons excited for reopen

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Friday across the state of Texas, hair and nail salons were able to reopen their doors for their clients. KCBD talked to a couple of clients in Lubbock who said they are excited to get back to their favorite salons after Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement on Tuesday.

“I didn’t even know that Governor Abbott had released that you needed to make an appointment. I think I just heard ‘nail salons open’. So I’m so excited,” said Mary Hiett, a client at Great Nail and Spa.

Jenny Davidson Meadows, co-owner of Davidson Taylor Salon and Day Spa, said they opened early Friday morning.

“We’re starting what we call a slow start or a very soft start, meaning that we don’t have a full staff,” Meadows said. “We’ll have more people here on Monday, and we will be in full working order, hoping that everybody… can get in here and get what they need done- and do it the proper way and try to go by these guidelines.”

Great Nail and Spa Owner, Lori Spoon, explained what her clients can expect.

"Well, it’s by appointment only at this point and that’s from the governor,” Spoon said. “You have to make an appointment and when you come in, there cannot be more than the people that are with the technicians at the time. So, there can’t be anybody in the waiting room; either outside or in their cars.

We asked if Jerry Osbourne, a client at Davidson Taylor Salon and Day Spa, if she had any advice for everyone trying to get in with their stylists.

She said, “Be patient. They’re wanting to get with everybody they can get to as quickly as they can. And it’s safe, I think. Probably safer than just about anything else we’re doing right now.”

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